Saturday, 1 November 2008


There's a great line in there where one girl comments (and it's rare a woman says anything significant so we should take notice) ..that what it comes down to is the following :

Do you want to live a quiet life or a significant life ?

I see it the same way. South Africa offers so much opportunity for a person to transcend the mundane meaningless toil that is life in the tranquilized west. There's so much opportunity for those who invest in it. Whether you want to give over your beautiful life to the shallow pursuit of material goods or are striving for something more........precious. Where better to live out "the foolish deeds of the day" ?

Personally I've traveled and seen much of what the world has to offer. Not just traveled but lived and immersed myself in various places and cultures. I've seen it all and have absorbed a sense of relativism that I think few will ever come to understand. I've lived in hyper safe first world countries and never could shake off the feeling of an old age home like waiting room for death. Much of what life seemed about could be likened to a insignificant game of bingo. A few winners with boasting rights and the rest rolling through with feigned enthusiasm.

South Africa offers so much more. A real chance to make a REAL difference. We exist on the fragile tight rope between heaven and hell. Few could dare argue that South Africa is not in clear view of both possibilities. A full spectrum of what life has to offer is compressed into this beautiful country ...each aspect made so much more vivid in juxtaposition to he rest. I could waste time to try and explain what i find so humbling and beautiful about this country....the vibrancy , the buzzing and the scurrying, the blobs of thick modern luxury poured over the hauntingly beautiful spiritual and at times suffering African soil. The mess of cultures and ethnic groups that crash and collide an sprinkle us all with their residual concoction of diversity. Te battle between old traditions and modern trends, between poverty and dignity , between nature and man , between life and death , between the ancestors wisdom and the self help religion sections at the bookstores....I could try and explain what's so achingly beautiful and alive about this country.....but I would waste my time. You already know.

And through it all , it's boundless gifts and perspectives and haunting beauty, it's opportunity to transcend all the gunk that has clogged up the spiritual viens of the western world...all south Africa asks in return is this :

You give a tiny little bit back.

And herein sleeps the god like balance of the universe. As any of us who've played the "pull a string" games at a fairground in our childhoods knows...The richer the pool you dip your line in , the more likekly you are to pull out something of significance. But those rich pools ....well they cost more.

And here's what South Africa costs for us : A tiny, relatively speaking , insignificantly escalated chance of getting murdered (about the same as living in Washington dc ....but less if you are middle classed)....and a few car radios. In return you get a beautiful country dripping in opportunity for greatness. A chance to stand up and make a meaningful nuisance of your few short years on this big lug of a fight off tangible and in your face demons and rise over their corpses with your sword raised and shout " I was here !!!"

All this ...the wonderful people , weather , thriving economy and lifestyle...without the modern western carrot to far up it's ass. And as a bonus a fat bag of absolution and redemption to boot.

So as a South African you've got a simple choice to make. Get involved ! Get tucked in ! Get your hands dirty and where you see a divot on what could be a beautiful fairway of a country...stomp that shit down !!!

Or F#ck off.

Take your whiny little cry baby self and just P!ss off somewhere else. Where your government can cusp and massage your fragile little tingly place where your balls used to be and pat your little bottom. Where you can sit in your 7 yard back "lawn" and over look the glory that is your cold , soulless, low class neighborhood in a country that gives less of a damn about you than the one you left. Where you can march off in the morning to your ever so important work of pressing a green button so you can one day realise the irony of the extent you've gone to in order to put a wall up between yourself and the world. That's right...just F#ck off it it quietly ! Please !!! P#ssies. And while you're at it give up drinking , smoking , eating fatty foods, riding roller coasters etc etc etc ..maybe you'll live forever ! .


Life is never without risks except my remove risk is to remove life itself and find yourself in a vacuum. That is the nature and reality of things. You can waste your life avoiding and tranquilizing yourself from this truth as it slowly eats at your flesh....or you can face it head it head on and enjoy the thrill of it all.

And here ends this mornings lesson.


Packed for Perth said...


99.9% of what you write on this blog gives me a bowel movement. But this piece nearly moved me to tears. Why? Because it COULD be so true!! Once again - you understate things. I admire your passion but you really need to pull your head out of your arse and see the wood for the trees. You are only fooling yourself with the bogus and manipulated statistics to try and convince people that:

1. There is no crime problem.
2. There is no AIDS problem.
3. There is no infrastructure and manpower problem.
4. The ANC is doing a sterling job of running the country. (Large sections of the ANC elite have disagreed with you in the past few weeks!)
5. That the country is not being sucked dry by corrupt thieving ANC fat-cats.

If the eutopia you describe is to become a reality (and it COULD), the correct people need to be put into government. The present setup is a diabolical fuck-up. Unfortunately, this is not likely to occur anytime soon and whitey's like me are pretty powerless to do anything about it - which is why we are fucking off with our collective skills which cold be put to very positive use here if only there was not a culture of retribution against us (which you support whole-heartedly it seems). Your tirades against whites and Afrikaners in particular do not sit well with the notion of making this place into what it could and should be.

Have a nice day.

The Rooster said...

My stats are not bogus and manipulated. I've taken the same stats and interpreted them OBJECTIVELY. My biggest crime has been the application of rationality and at times rudimentary mathematics.

And certainly I've never said

1) There is nmo crime problem.

There is a crime problem. I don't have the slighest issue with admitting that. Hwoever I don't want it represented as if it's a problem mainly white people face/state sponsored genocide etc....because that's pure bullshit. Once again it's not complaining about crime I take issue with...we must all be proactive to sort problems out in our's the agenda behind your complaining. If you're complaining about crime only to try and make people feel hopeless and afraid or to try and make racial steroetypes etc....shut the fuck up. If you're pointing out crimes as if it bothers you , yet secretly feeling blissful about it because it helps you feel better about emmigrating then likewise...shut the fuck up.

If you're doing it because you're interested in atually seeing things better in a proactive manner...hell yeah ! Like I said..get involved. But nobody like that sour negative cynical asshole aklways putting a downer on what we're trying to achieve in this country. OUR COUNTRY ! Own it by taking control of it a part of it...don't throw peanuts if you don't have the guts to get on the stage !

Also I point out obvious truths such as crime is getting better and that's cause for hope , not despair. But this is too controversial for some people...the idea of south africa improving in anyway is so disgusting to them...they would tear out their eyes before they'd admit this. Why ? Then they want to pretend they have the countries interest at heart ? I'll tell you why...they left....everyday south africa improves they kick themselves ...they're so home sick it hurts. That's what lies behind sites like S.A.S ...they're fucking nobodies in a new land where nobody gives a shit about them. They're still failures only now they can't blame black people for it.

2 ) There is a big aids problem. where have I stated otherwise ? Is that whole story that it's solely caused by an std called hiv ? I'm not so sure ...not so sure at all.

3) All I see is new infrastucture. New buildings, new malls, new housing developments ,new roads, old roads being fixed, the streets cleaner than ever....everywhere !

I've lived a few years my friend and I've never seen the sinfrastructure in south africa ever been anything close to as good. Man power there might be a POTENTIAL problem. But that's part of the challenges of living in a developing country...that's why it's so great to live there...there are new challenges, niches and opportunities for creative and hard working people to take advantage of. go live in the states if you don't like it and compete with ocuntless other robots for the same shitty jobs if you want to then. I'll be right here to take your share of the pie.

4) I am all for a strong opposition to the A.n.c. Try and remember the a.n.c was voted in under the pretense of socialism. however they privatised many aspects of government , allowed all whites to keep their houses and propoerty (only 3% of land has been redistributed) practiced free market economics , uplifted women , gave millions of people houses , water and electricity all while growing the economy at record rates...jesus christ whites are hard to fucking please.

5) corruption in south africa compared to anywhere else on the world...anywhere out of perhaps scandanavia... i'll stand by comparitively tiny in scale. The united states is one big bold boys club of nepotism and corruption in comparisson. Wars fought for profits1!!! what do we have ? A few exhorbirant travel expenditures and s.u.v ? Boo fucking hoooooo !!!!

So we have problems. We're not a eprfect country....of course not !!!We all fucking know that don't we ? So how will we overcome then ?

Shoyut and scream and sensationalise them to that people lose hope and think they are insurmountable ? Or be...shut up and get our hands dirty ?

i know which solution is more likely to work.

i don't want the help from any of you expats....just please leave us alone. go on about your lives...forget all about south africa. Renounce your south africaness and go about your heavinly business of living in western utopia (rolls eyes) ..and let us get on with it.

you don't have to be part of our future, but please get out of the our fucking way.

Anonymous said...

The day is comming when South Africa will be just like the rest of Africa if not worse. Look at the ANC, it is now splitting up and that will cause a lot of shit. I cant wait for the day when SA becomes another waste land like the rest of Africa and it wont be much longer. Just a pity the west will have to send food and aid.
I will sit in my new home land and just laugh and drink to all you idiots who did not want to leave. I will also be able to say....
I know that you are going to give me some bullshit reason why SA wont go like all the rest of Africa, but it is like trying to prove to me that there is a god. There is no god, we are our own gods and make our own lives.


The Rooster said...

Well as an aside I was an athiest for most of my adult life....a total reductionist ..until I read up on quantum physics and hit on the idea of the human brain as the receptor of consciousness rather than the catalyst. That was the trigger...since then I've looked back at the dogma of 19th century reductionism with a mixture of pity and bemusement.

I certainly don't align myself with any religion, but I find the idea absud that a human being ..trapped in the false perceptions of his third dimensional space time wants to try and tell me how it is....bwhahahahahaha...fuck off.

The Rooster said... fulfil every predication I made about the type of S.a.S reader...

wanting south africa to fail.

Just fucking get on with your life douchebag and leave us the fuck alone.

deprecator said...

I'm not bitter. I take my family on holiday there sometimes, enjoying our old haunts (like my cabin in the lowveld), friends and some of the pleasures/excitement you describe in your post. The rest of the time we enjoy the first world safety and facilities in Australia. My kids go to first world schools and university and my wife and I enjoy a first world business environment where the rewards are in dollars, not bananas. Admittedly, we may have to avoid SA for a few years when the coons go ape like they did in the Congo, Rwanda, etc etc etc (and did I include etc in that?), but then as soon as it's relatively safe again we'll be back once again to enjoy our holidays there.

Anonymous said...

Has it not occurred to anyone that SAS post their own comments?

Sort of like a Fibonacci pyramid scheme, but with replicants.

They've been reading too much David Icke and Stephen King.

The Rooster said...

ha ha ha..good call on the david icke.

I actually made those comprissons before. The probably rthink they a.n.c are run by eiher the bilderburg group or the reptilians. Fucking loonies.

The Rooster said...

folks I'm hacking this out on a tiny keyboard main p.c is fucked forgive the heaps of typos.

Anonymous said...

Dr Avengiana Stuit moves the tiny glass vial to candlelight, illuminating a maggot drifting in a poisonous bath of ethanol.

At a glance, she knows the exact stage of metamorphosis before the creamy carcass, no larger than a grain of rice, was preserved in a specimen vessel fitted with a black screw cap.

Had the larva lived, it would have matured into a blourokkie spawn, "Uhuru Gaan Jou Moeru", aka "blow fly".

It might have laid its eggs in a human body's mouth or eyes or malodorous wounds.

And spread itself within a nanosecond,to any other human being, within a 1 km radius ... with instant death, just two steps away ...

deprecator said...

Homecoming revolution. Come home for the revolution. So exciting!

The Rooster said...

Holy crap ! And they don't earn much more than the average middle classed saffer and get taxed hugely !!! .....why would you people live in these places ? Are you masochists ?