Sunday, 12 October 2008

Conspiracy theories...

I'm going to take the liberty of expaning the topic matter of this site. A poster started mentioning conspiracy theories regarding the economy. Now I allign myself with the odd conspiracy theory from time to time. Before you call me a tin hat wearing nut job, there are three main reasons people believe in conspiracy theories.

1) They want to believe the world is more interesting than it really is.
2) They have paranoid delusions.
3) Because some conspiracies really do exist.

Conspiracy theories I'm 100% sure happened :

The vietnam war was started by a false flag event called Gulf of tonkin.

The Cia planted people to act as eye witnesses to genocide to manufacture consent for the first iraqi war.

The american government deliberately lied to the people about weapons of mass destruction and implied Sudam Hussien was partly responsible for 9/11. This is not so much conspiracy as fact.

The above three as considered conspiracy theories, but in fact are so full of proof only a dogmatic idiot would deny them. So it's without a doubt we can conclude that the American government actively tries to manufacture reasons to go to war. Why ?

Money. Money from oil , money from the militiary industrial complex. The loss of millions of innocent lives does nothing to detract from this.

That's just a little side fact that in my circle of friends is a statement of the blatantly obvious. However I guess some people might not even know these simple facts. Why ? People are fucking stupid and apathetic. We live in a culture of tranquilised idiots who frankly don't deserve to be saved from themselves. You can all go fuck yourselves for all I care.

However this coming week in the midst of the current global financial crisis , I want to talk about some economic conspiracies. To warm you up and get you up to some kind of fucking speed so that I can actually try and educate you, then start by watching this.

Try catch up. I don't know why I bother sometimes. Twats.

So as not to change the focus of this website I urge people to only comment on their thoughts regarding the last video. For those of you who wish to continue your education so that you may arise from the matrix of bullshit you're smothered in, I will be posting about all of the topics as well as some other more controversial conspiracies on the message board. I will be posting my thoughts on 9/11 conspiracies etc. So follow the link and from tonight you can discover a whole new side of the brilliant unique mind that is the Rooster. I always enjoy a good debate but I'm tired of being the centre of attention. On a message board everyone gets their views in and it doesn't have to be all about me. I'm sure that's a very refreshing please join up.

The forum works better with use that and it'll be sweet.

Don't complain that it looks crap. Until I see there's a decent membership I'm not going to be inspired to work hard at making it look awesome.

(Ps I will also start writing on the message board regarding comsmology, quantum theory and it's relationship to metaphysics. Now doesn't that sound a riot ? Who wouldn't want to join now ? )


troubled said...

(Ps I will also start writing on the message board regarding comsmology, quantum theory and it's relationship to metaphysics. Now doesn't that sound a riot ? Who wouldn't want to join now ? )

now you talking :)

Hey Rooster I will think about posting more here, but I will shy away from any political speak and will only reply on matters relating to economics and quantum physics ;)

Capitalism FTW

work is hectic at the moment so I cannot make commitments at this time.

The Rooster said...

Cool beans brother. I'll start posting on there about cosmology later. Let's me self indulge a few moments.

I was a staunch athiest until while doing some reading on quantum physics and the possible quantum nature of the mind and it smacked me like a brick wall....what is the human brain was the receptor of consciousness rather than the catalyst ? Now i'm a total biggest big bear in the world is people whose minds are stuck in the dogma of 19th century reductionism. It's a throttling influence that hampers are ability to grasp the implications of new comsology like m-theory.

I've wroked this all into what I consider a pretty neat and pionerring theory of everything. I'm not going to win any nobel prizes but it came to me in a brief moment....the universe slipped into my mind for a brief second.... I may as well roll with it and offer up a brief description ....It may sound like pseudo babble but there are staucnh scientific principals behind each idea w...

We're all part of a singular infinite consciousness...our perceptions of being individuals is created by our false but unique perceptions of time and space, which splices us into all a little piece of the whole. This is not a convenience but indeed a necessity so that the universe may inxeperience itself ...the process through which without it could not exist would cease to be.If you're asking Why , then you haven't fully understood....why is the wrong question ...ultimetely there can be no questions is because it must be , it must be because it is.

Sorry if that came across like an annoying "matrix" monologue...I'll expand in the forum.

Bullshit detector said...
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troubled said...

Amidst the financial wreckage around the world, one government is celebrating.

Watching the global gnashing of teeth, the Islamic Republic of Iran is enjoying the ride.

"We are very happy that America's economy is in jeopardy and they are paying the price for their misdeeds. God is punishing them."

That is the verdict from Ayatollah Jannati, one of the most senior clerics in Iran.

President Ahmadinejad has pronounced on the collapse of global capitalism, and announced that Iranians should stand ready to manage the world.

If there is a Persian word for "schadenfreude", this is it.

And for the moment, Iran does seem to be above the fray.

Shares on the Tehran stock exchange, while down slightly in recent trading, have increased in value by 20% during the year.

In fact, to walk the floor of the Tehran Bourse, you could be excused for thinking you are in a parallel universe.

It looks like a normal stock exchange, with a vast computerised screen dominating the room and traders working from computer to phone to computer.

It is surely only a matter of time before the laws of gravity reassert themselves on the Iranian economy
But share prices have been almost entirely unaffected by the credit crunch.

Stock market insiders told me what they were more interested in was the progress of a government privatisation plan, and other domestic factors.

Bahrom, a stockbroker watching the trading floor, explained that the crisis presented opportunities for Iran. He advised foreign investors to take a good look at the market here.

Another stockbroker said the market here was more about politics than economics.

Any foreign investors tempted to join the party should be warned that foreign investments need government approval, in a process that takes at least a month - and that is probably an optimistic assessment.

Oil economy

Iran, of course, is proud of going against the global trend.

Ayatollah Jannati says the West is being punished for its misdeeds
This is the only economy in the world - indeed possibly in world history - in which you can borrow money from the bank and then receive a higher rate of interest by depositing it in the same bank.

Mr Ahmadinejad, who says he is proud of his ignorance of economics, also seems to believe the laws of supply and demand do not apply to the Islamic republic.

He insists the excess amounts of cash in the economy, excess liquidity, is in no way to blame for the spiralling rate of inflation - 25% and counting.

In this particular case, however, it is surely only a matter of time before the laws of gravity reassert themselves on the Iranian economy.

The direct impact of this financial crisis in the US for the Iranian people, could actually be more than for the American people
Saeed Leylaz, economist
Despite a growing industrial sector, and other attempts to diversify, Iran is still overwhelmingly dependent on its massive oil and gas reserves.

According to the BP survey, taken together this country has the largest combined oil and gas reserves in the world, and it is the world's third largest oil exporter.

Iran's oil minister said his country earned $70bn (£41bn) from oil exports last year - the vast majority of both its export earnings, and of government revenue.

But with oil prices already down to around $60 (£35) a barrel from their peak, and still falling, that must be bad news for Iran's finances.

Day of reckoning

In theory, in the good years Iran puts surplus oil revenue into a stabilisation fund.

However, Mr Ahmadinejad's government found no trouble spending the money, even as oil approached $150 (£88) a barrel.

Oil refinery in Tehran (file image)
The majority of Iran's revenue comes from oil
It is not clear how much, or even whether any, of that windfall made it into the deposit account.

Instead, as Mr Ahmadinejad toured the country he sprayed out money to the provinces and local villages.

Vast contracts have been awarded to the Revolutionary Guards. Unspecified amounts have been given, lent, or "invested" with Iran's friends both in the Middle East and in Latin America.

What has happened to the money - you hear ordinary Iranians asking.

Now the day of reckoning may be approaching.

"The direct impact of this financial crisis in the United States for the Iranian people, could actually be more than for the American people, because of the oil price, and our dependency on oil income," explained Saeed Leylaz, one of Iran's most outspoken and independent-minded economists

"If the oil price for Iranian oil will be $75 to $80 a barrel, we will lose $50bn US dollars (a year) and that means we are losing between $700 and $800 per head."

We are in a recession. No-one wants to buy
Alireza Jahan, estate agent
In fact, Iranian oil, which trades slightly cheaper than the lighter crudes that set the world benchmark, is now close to that price, and looks set to fall further.

Already, even in plush north Tehran, you can see the signs of economic downturn. There has been a huge property boom, with many grand old villas being replaced by luxury apartment blocks.

But building work is beginning to grind to a halt. One estate agent told me that prices were down 20% from their peak. Hundreds of thousands of apartments are reported to be lying empty.

"We are in a recession. No-one wants to buy. Demand is very low and there are many properties for sale," said the agent, Alireza Jahan.

No-one will have too much sympathy for Iran's property elite. And most Iranians will be delighted at falling rents and property prices.

For them, life has been tough for as long as they can remember, with high inflation and unemployment.

Social trouble

Newly issues 500,000 rial Iranian banknotes (August 2008)
The president could be unable to give out money during campaigning
But this decline in the value of property could be the first sign of a wider economic downturn that could have important social and political implications for Iran.

Mr Leylaz spelt out what low oil prices could mean to Iran and its government: "It means more liquidity, and more economic problems, more inflation. A worse social gap, and social troubles for the country."

For Mr Ahmadinejad, there is the serious possibility of the money running low, just as he runs for re-election - in a vote expected to be next June. If there is no cash left to distribute, the fervour of his supporters could be severely tested.

And if oil prices do hit rock bottom, that could also change the international picture. Until now, one of the biggest constraints on the West, as it challenges Iran, has been the danger of pushing oil prices through the roof. Without that problem, many new possibilities open.

All of this will take some months to play out. For the moment, the money is still coming in, and Iran's rulers can enjoy watching the world demoralised and distracted.

But however much the Ayatollahs celebrate the downfall of global capitalism, it could yet be that capitalism, eventually, bites back.

troubled said...

Conspiracy Theory #1 0000
The Start of the New Order

The 15 eurozone leaders are meeting in Paris to try to establish a common front to tackle the financial crisis.

They are joined by British PM Gordon Brown, who wants them to adopt similar measures to his bank rescue plan.

The French cabinet will hold a special session on Monday to approve a bill offering state guarantees and recapitalisation to banks in trouble.

Anonymous said...

If you like conspiracy theories you might like this one. That is if you can sit through all 2hrs of is.
This three part movie is the winner of the 2007 Artivist film festival.

The Rooster said...

Actually I have seen the first zietgiest movie. I like the first part and the part about big banking...the 9/11 part is weak. See the forum for my far better and complex argument against that cherade.

Go search google videos for the new zietgiest movie (I forget what it's called). It deals with entirely different subject matter and is a far better piece of work.

Ron. said...

The uk. before the video URL proves that you are in Britain not South Africa therefore you have been busted once & for all. Furthermore your earlier use of the British term "bullocks" only bolsters this point. As for the Zeitgeist movie: the recent Zeitgeist Addendum has been exposed as total New World Order. The truth / conspiracy movement is being co-opted by the very forces that it was aimed at fighting.