Monday, 27 October 2008

Afrikaans "culture"

Somethings in the world are worth preserving. Figs for example. Others ? Well....not so much.

Take the Afrikaans language and culture for example. I often read and hear about Afrikaans people complaining that their culture and language are being taken away from them. This is incredibly strange to me because it's the equivalent of a cancer patient moaning because they're taking a tumour removed !

If one had to pin point the single most responsible thing for ensuring that Afrikaaners were some of the most despised repugnant beings in the known universe, one need look no further than their culture and language.

Get over it dutchies ! It's for your own good that your culture is being taken away. It's for the lack of a better word a crap culture. It's not so much a culture as the celebration of pure ignorance and stupidity. Being afrikaans basically comprises of being a hateful twat (except drunker). It alienates you from the rest of humanity who have joined the 21st century, embraced the idea that "thinking" is desirable and frankly realised that progress is a good thing. Every day you remain stubbornly afrikaans is a day that people hate you.

With that in mind I ask a serious question: What exactly is it you are holding on to ? Why would you want to continue making total fat arses of yourself by perpatuating afrikaans culture ? Surely you want to better yourselves and educate yourselves by rejecting your backwards babarian way of thinking and acting ? Surely you want to strive for some form of human dignity ?

So here's an idea. Instead of defending with all your might that thing that holds you back as a people (ie : your god-awful culture and language) just let it go. Everyone will like you more and maybe even think of you as a human being. It's free advice...use it/don't use it.

Peace and love


Anonymous said...

So here's an idea. Instead of defending with all your might that thing that holds you back as a people (ie : your god-awful badmouthing) just let it go. Everyone will like you more and maybe even think of you as a human being. It's free advice...use it/don't use it.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

As an English-speaking person, I disagree with you. Differences make the planet more exciting, no matter how insignificant those differences are. Afrikaners have also brought about a lot of good, and to generalise like you have just done is immature and completely narrow-minded.

I'd add that you agree with me, and only wrote that badly-written entry to increase traffic and to bait a few readers into a flame war.

So I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Bullshit detector said...
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Anonymous said...

Fok jou kaffer ten minste rape ons nie ons eie kinders nie. Kaffers het nie kultuur nie want net mense kan kultuur he en julle fokkers qualify nie as mense nie. I'm not a racist I just hate kaffers but they are more like a species than a race, like the failed monkey tribe.

The Rooster said...

You miss the point. Why can't afrikaaners stop insisting and holding on to their "culture" ...a culture that basically celebrates hating other people and seeing everybody as "different" ...the rest of the world is trying to celebrate diversity and find common ground ...not doing its best to alienate itself from other people. What could be worth preserving of this "culture of ignorance?"

All it perpetuates is hate ...

Anonymous said...

Rooster, you're talking such rubbish. You're making sweeping generalizations based on nothing, or at most, anecdotal perceptions.

Seriously, stop flame-baiting.

The Rooster said...

Flame baiting ? Me ?

I'm just saying ...if you do something that makes everyone hate you then you ought to strive to alter ?

In the case of afrikaaners the very thing they do that everyone just happens to hate is everything (ie : their culture and language) maybe just drop the whole thing and move on. Makes sense to me.

Blogger Almighty said...

S.A.S is finished. You can be sure of that

You were saying cunt?

Ron. said...

The promotion of genocide against a culture is not a socially accepted form of behaviour. Also: there are VARIOUS Afrikaans cultures: some of whom are the descendents of the aboriginal Khoisan peoples whose land all of you folks are squatting on. Furthermore: the various White Afrikaans peoples are not of Dutch descent - therefore your pejorative of "dutchies" is of course totally inapplicable. Once again you expose yourself as the British Imperialist that you are by regurgitating all of the old propaganda against Afrikaans culture as the inference of holding onto it being "backwards" is a classic psychological warfare technique aimed at forcefully manipulating Afrikaans people away from their culture so that you can more effectively Anglicize them. Nice try because it did not work in the 19th or 20th centuries & it sure as hell will not work now.

The Boers / the Afrikaners / the Griquas / the Cape Coloureds / the Cape Malays & a portion of the Tswanas ALL cherish their various dialects of the Afrikaans language & Afrikaans culture. None of them are ever going to give up their various cultures in order to help make it easier for you British Imperialists to better rob them of their resources & their inherent rights to their ancestral lands.

The fact of the matter is that you British ego maniacs are never going to fully Anglicize South Africa & it riles you to no end - which is the MAIN reason why you vilify the Afrikaans culture so much as Afrikaans is the STRONGEST linguistic challenger to English language hegemony in the region.

The Rooster said...

No I think you'll find mostly afrikaaners are hated by many english because they're bitter crass racists , who drink too much , fight too much , are ignorant and uneducated and constantly spew and spread hate about everyone else.

There are of course exceptions. just not many.

Ron. said...

But ironically that response is ITSELF bitter & racist. I think you should try actually meeting some actual Boer & Afrikaans people instead of propagating this petulant one dimensional hatred against them which is nothing but a transparent act of demonization. You folks like to portray this ridiculous caricature -in the mold of old British propaganda of the past- in a blatant attempt at dehumanizing & discrediting the inherent rights of a people you usurpers see as the strongest rival to your supremacy & hegemony in the region. Which is such a joke because it was non other than you British Imperialists who put the Afrikaans speaker into power in the first place soon after you arbitrarily created the macro State of South Africa -practically out of thin air after decades of conquering & subjugating the various locals of the region- with an act of FOREIGN legislation in the British Parliament.