Monday, 15 September 2008


Still nobody has been able to answer my challenge. Pure proof that in everyday that is important South Africa has improved since apartheid and that it is a safe country to visit as a tourist. Not that it will stop the blowhards lying and ranting about it.

I will start updating the site daily again tomorrow. The forum is up for folks who want to join. It takes less than a minute and is a much easier way to hold a conversation/argument.

Anyway , go here and check it out (the name is temporary).

Peace and love


Packed for Perth said...

Here are some stat slap-downs for you my feathered little flunky:

16 comments in more than a week.
12 of these are from you.

Are you the sort of guy who sits home alone playing chess against yourself? Do you have any friends? Do you get out much? Or do you sit in front of your PC all day posting comments onto your own message board that no-one else seems interested in?

You are a FUCKING LOSER Boet!!!

That is why you compensate by telling everyone what a meneer you are and how big your dick is. Real men with real lives don't need to do this.

Packed for Perth said...

Tell you what - since I'm feeling generous. I'll make a posting on your message board. That way you'll be able to say that a massive 5 people have posted on your message board in 11 days. That's a 25% increase in posters(other than you). At an impressive 0.454 posts per day by people other than you. If it were not for my posting it would be a less than respectable 0.363 posts per day (other than by you).

Taking your postings into account it takes the average up to a whopping 1.545/day - up from 1.454/day.

Don't say I don't love you bro....

Anonymous said...

@ Packed for Perth

I told all SASucks people not to post on this chicken shit site - so why do you?

I hope you are not feeling lonely in OZ. In fact I could never figure out why you still hang out on Saffer sites.

The Rooster said...

What are you on about packed for perth ? I'm one person with a blog that gets about 100-300 reads a day. I don't recall requesting your validation or approval. If you don't like the blog then feel free to fuck off. Or answer the challenge so I delete it (well try anyway).

I really wouldn't have to much speculation about the lives of others when you're living in Australia spending your time on south african sites all day.

Anyway, use it or don't use....I really don't remember requesting your opinion.

Straight Black said...

Hey Fudge Packed For Perth,

Does your family know where you hang out?

Jou hart verlang naar die boerland - are you sure you are ready to compete as an equal on the world stage.

Don't worry your white skinny skin skin still gives you an advantage in lot's of countries (even still South Africa where 90% of business is owned by whitey).

Jack off jill.

the_weasel said...

Hey man, sorry but your forum sucks

the rooster said...

Weasel your mothers poes! Fuck you.

Packed for perth are you tongue tied? Wait until my thick black cock tears your butt apart cunt face. I will fuck you until you are dead.

the rooster said...

Straight Black, high five brother!
These crackers arent so brave when we're in their houses fucking their mothers and wives while they lied tied up on the floor!

the rooster said...

Just so you know I was just kidding about shutting my blog down. Stupid fucking whitey crackers will believe anything.

Packed for Perth said...

@ Rooster

Wow - such ugly words mate. Tear my butt apart? Cunt Face? I must have really pissed you off with that bit of truth serum huh? You are a LOSER bro. Face it.

@ UG

I'll post where-ever I like. I don't recall having appointed you as my master.

I'm not in Oz yet - hench Packed for Perth as opposed to Unpacked in Perth.

If you want to ban me from SAS then by all means do so. I'll still read it because I strongly identify with most of the contributors and posters on there - you mainly. I don't think we need to fight. I think we are essentially on the same side.

@ curly coon .... err straight black

If 90% of business in SA is still owned by whites it is probably becuase the whites started the business and have the skills to grow and run business unlike you zots you only have the propensity to destory things.

packed for perth said...

Sorry for the spelling mistake. It should read "destroy" not "destory".

And on second thought, fuck both of you Rooster and UG. Fucking racist cunts the lot of you!

packed for perth said...

On third thought, Rooster your offer is starting to turn me on. Im an anal virgin so as long as you use KY jelly lets do it baby. I can't take it dry like I used to in my youngr days.

Hmmmm gently smearing that big black dingdong of yours with lubricant is making my ass quiver! As you bone me up the poop chute I'll take UG's beef torpedo in the mouth yum yum creamy cream!!!

the rooster said...

Hello packed for perth! What a nice turn of events, I am extatic!

I would love to hook up with you baby. How old are you? My recent trip to Thailand was awesome. Did you know they let you fuck kids as young as 8 if you wanted to. Not that I ever would of course, don't get me wrong.

Best BJ I ever had was by a 12 year old Thai boy. Man did he have a tongue on him and know how to use it!!! The penetration bit wasnt so great tho. They had to hold him down as he kept on crying and crying and I couldnt get it into his tight little ass but with a quick flick of the knife his uncle cut his spincter and apart from all the blood and shit I had a mondblowing orgasm.

Mail me on and lets get it together brother! Ill mail you my HIV test from 2 weeks ago. CLean bill of health!

Disgusted said...

Rooster you are one sick motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm flagging this blog.

packed for perth said...

Haha rooster, youngest boy I ever boned was 14. He was amazing, huge cock for such a small lad. I swallowed his entire load it tasted so sweet. Shot for the email Ill get in touch. Got some lekka pix to show you.

The real Packed for Perth said...

09:07 was mine. The rest are imposters. Nice work arsewipes.

the unreal packed for perth said...

Bullshit! None of these are mine! I am horrfified! Motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the now unpacked for perth said...

Damn. If you arsewipes carry on with this I wont be going to perth after all. Rooster remove these comments before Australian Immigration sees it PLEASE!!!!!!! Just delete the email I sent you and forget about it okay? The guy in the pic with the kid is not me.

disgusted said...

Sick fucking pedophiles all of you. No worries boys I repoted you to blogger already. Bye bye rooster.

the now fully unpacked but soon packing for Auckland said...


the rooster said...

Disgusted, take your disgust somewhere else. Look me in the eye and honestly tell me youve never been turned on by a youngster??

You had better get used to it because Man / Boy love is the next paradigm to fall. There is nothing wrong with love bentween a grwon man who is gentle and caring and a boy who consents to making love to a father figure.

Im so sick of you white fuddy duddies who are forever oppressing blacks gays and boy lovers. Get with the program or get left behind. It is that simple.

the roster (yes timetable) said...

If this continued hijacking of poster's names continues, I will shut down this blog, or moderate the comments, or devise some means of controlling free speech (A concept I hold dear to my heart, but I am willing to forego, in lieu of the nefarious activity I have witnessed)

Let this be a lesson. No more assuming another poster's identity, and espousing virtues (like free speach), without knowing there will be ramifications, yes, ramifications, for such actions. It is like saying all black men have big dicks but meaning it in a nice, general way. It is not racism if it is a compliment, isn't that right "straight black". These crackers (in a nice way) deserve it.

This blog is now moderated.

the rooster said...

Packed for perth, thanx I received your email. He is a gorgeous lad! Wow man you're not too badly endowed either. Are you Jewish?

Dont back out now! I promise Ill make it worth your while. We don't have to penettrate just yet, but give me half a chance an I will blow your mind! (And the rest of you too!)

packed for perth said...

Rooster are you fucking mad? Just delete that email immediately! I cannot have my name besmirched like this. I want nothing to do with you or this blog from this point on. Your carelessness is going to land the both of us in big trouble.

the roster (yes timetable) said...

Just kidding I will never moderate this blog. I want the world to see what white trash we have in South Africa. Still, there will be ramifications, yes ramifications for the imposters.

From this moment on I am logging all the IP addresses of ALL visitors and commenters and handing it over to the relvant authorities. Be warned racsit motherfuckers!

the rooster said...

Ok fine packed for perth! Why the acting like a screaming queen bitch suddenly? You are unstable and you dont know what you're missing. So fuck you too bitch! Im so sick adn tired of you gays that dont know what the fuck you want from life.

Stupid beatch!

Packed for Perth (original real deal) said...


You girls are playing nicely.

The Roster said...

Oooh, he is logging ALL IP addresses. That means spoofed IP's as well.

Greetings from Parow, tomorrow it might be Helsinki, or Canberra, or maybe Vladivostok.


Peace and Love

the rooster said...

Im NOT JOKING okay!! Seriously, I am logging ALL IP addresses and will be co-operating with the SAPS Crime Intelligence unit to have you racist cunts TRACKED DOWN and ARRESTD for HATE SPEACH!!

Don't think if you're outside of South Africa you are safe! We involved Interpol and they will be making immanent arrests in the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe! This is a WORLD WIDE coordinated sting on white SA racists EVERYWHERE!! So be WARNED!!

Thank you

Peace and love

PS: Will any IT experts with experience in IP tracking on Google Blogger contact me at as I urgently need some help.

the rooster said...

Roster I just read your racist comment. What exactly do you mean with 'spooked IP address'? Spook is a very offensive racial slur for black people you know!

packed for perth (original real deal) said...

Rooster, roster is fucking with your head. The term 'spoofed' is a cross between spooked and poof, as in poofter. By spoofing you Roster is engaging in homophobic hate speech. You should record his IP immediately.

the rooster said...

Shot for that packed for perth.

Roster how COULD you?! You dirty rotten BASTARD I HATE you!! Go away you EVIL man.

PS: How do I go about logging an IP?

Peace and love

the_weasel said...

@ packed for Perth... dude you've sure been packed for a long time now. It's time to be "flying to perth", "landing in Perth", "unpacking in Perth", "living happily/crime-free ever after in Perth"....

Keep us updated

The Rooster said...

Clearly I didn't post anything after the comments that made sense.

But it's true packed for Perth. If you're so happy there why the obession with South Africa ?

Do you cry yourself to sleep at night missing home ? The only way you can justify leaving is to spend all day looking for information about how South Afrca is supposively gone to hell ?

Here's some news. Most people living in South Africa would laugh you off. You're so out of touch you could never be a South Africa again if you tried. We don't want your kind. So stop bothering us and spend the rest of your days in Australia.