Monday, 22 September 2008

New name and request.

I'm considering changing the name of the blog. Now that the protests have dwindled it has opened a window for me to not have to keep it purely out of spite. Also I suspect eventually blogger will ban my site if I don't due to some campaigns to flag my blog. So how about some suggestions ? I realise I'm about to be bombarded with mountains of hilarious and witty insults and racial slurs disguised as suggestions , but I'm an eternal optimist.

Anyone interested in contributing/helping moderate (more spam control , I don't censor comments)to the blog can contact me on hotmail.

Anyway , one more time for nostalgia !!

Peace and love

(And f#ck you if you can't take a joke).


Anonymous said...

NOFX? Now you're talking. :-)

the_weasel said...

Here are a few suggestions for the new name:

Bovine's brain droppings
Bovine's bollocks
Bovine's corner of bullshit
Rooster's Ramblings (with no References)
Cow and chicken
The muppet show
Wet-rag ex-pats R us
Love Whitey
Don't kill whitey... not even metaphorically
My issues with whites and women
My issues in general
Unrealistic liberal
Let's generalize
Let's talk shit
The Afrikaner repellent
The female repellent
The human repellent
Cure for Afrikanerness
The brain-rotting spot
Dreams of a better SA
The crime denialist
The crappy statistician
The confuser
Kill Rooster

Just some off the top of my head

The Rooster said...

You can do better "the_weasal". Come on , put some effort into it.

le coq sportif said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Rooster said...

I must have some serious multiple peronality disorder. Because I'm a new peson everyday with you people.

Still no serious suggestions ? I suppose I was expecting too much.

I thought of this one


Yes ? No ?

Anonymous said...


"the_weasel" said...

"I must have some serious multiple peronality disorder..."
How about Cukoo's nest.blogspot then, "the_rooster"?

Opposite of right.blogspot
Never right.blogspot

I am weasel, not weasAl, you eehjit.