Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Holy nutsack of Christ : Again with Zimbabwe !

A poster commented :

as a Zimbabwean, I agree with this blog site...almost all countruies have gotten better over the years. the media targets specific areas and creates a new reality.

zimbabwe is thriving. comrade Mugabe is always made to look bad in the eyes of the western proaganda media. Zimbabwe is better now than it ever was under white rule.

i'm sick of the racist media making blacks look bad...there arent any countries that are worse off now than before. all countries improve.

Firstly some advice.

Sarcasm only works when it's obvious to the other party, through the claims that you are making, that their own claims are proportionally absurd. If one was to make the statement, "An elephant is larger than a mouse"... And you were to in a loud drawn out and irritating voice to propose "Oh yes, of course an elephant is bigger than a mouse !Obviously ! And an ant is bigger than a mouse too ! Ants are Huge ! Elephants are tiny !"'d be doing it wrong and it would lose it's affect. Do you understand ?

Other than "Afrikaaner" another definition of stupidity is to repeat the same behaviour and expect different results. To try and compare Zimbabwe to South Africa : Once again one the poorest country in Africa , and the other the richest country. One the most democratic and the other the most autocratic stupid. You can do it over and over and over and it will still remain untrue. Anyone who ever catches themselves comparing South Africa to Zimbabwe needs to give themselves a serious smack through the face , or at least let me do it for you. What else do you compare ? Is the Australian cricket team just like the Boksburg club 6th's ?

The notion that South Africa and Zimbabwe have anything in common exists in the strange imagination of neurotic whitey South Africans. There were fears that the A.N.C were going to do land grabs as far back as 1992 and to this day they have never materialized and never will beyond voluntary and well reimbursed expropriation. In fact if you took the time to ask you'd know that this is directly opposite to what the leadership in the A.N.C have proposed precisely because they do not want a situation similar to what happened in Zimbabwe.

While we are at it, let's also put to bed the myth that it was because a few white farmers left Zimbabwe that it all crashed to the floor. I'm sorry folks but the idea that a few Zimbabwean white tobacco farmers were such brilliant macro economists that they kept the entire Zimbabwean economy afloat ( with their simple presence in the country) is one cooked up by the most ridiculous ignorance. It may have been the catalyst that finally revealed Mr Mugabe’s insanity and bad governing but the Zimbabwean economic collapse is part of a much bigger picture.

I've often adhered to the old saying that " If you can't serve as a good example to others, then it's your duty to serve as a horrible warning".When it comes to Zimbabwe people try and remember that is not an example to our government. It's just that... a horrible warning. It doesn't take rocket science to govern. All you need to do is look at Zimbabwe and do the opposite and you're on the right track. It's precisely because we're not like Zimbabwe that we have had the successes we've seen in recent years.


Anonymous said...

On land expropriation - I actually believe that the land reform in the process in SA has not gone fast enough and that the government should consider expropriation. I know I would catch a lot of crap for saying this from SAS bloggers and perhaps other whites, but I believe that AZAPO and the PAC are largely correct on this issue, and the land distribution in SA remains as it was since the passage of the Natives Lands Acts which robbed SA's blacks of their land. It is perhaps, in my opinion, a testimony to the fact that most blacks in SA are not vindictive toward whites, unlike what SAS would have us believe, that AZAPO and the PAC have never done well in any election since 1994.

The Rooster said...

Great point Greg regarding how revealing the election results can be. That actually warrants a post of it's own.

I think the A.N.C realises the need to being about land reform while at the same time ensuring it does not uproute and alienate White South Africans. I don't think anyone seriously doubts the benefits and skills the white population bring sectors such as Agriculture. It was and always will be a key founding belief in the A.N.C that they will be an orginisation that will promote equality ammongst all people. The constitution clearly states this to be the case. I sometimes think if matters such as affirmitive action were approached more sensitively by the white population that they would fall on sympathetuc ears. Instead the response has been apartheid denialism and spitting racism from the types of people at S.A.S. Under these circumstances do you really expect the ruling party to warm to the plight of White South Africans ? I think you'll find there is recognition ammongst black South Africans that there are good and bad white people. "Good" meaning those interested in investing in the future of the country and "bad" meaning they hope the country fails. I think when there are racial stereotypes made about white people (and there are and we should not defend them , even when seemingly deserved) you'd find them to be equally met with a healthy respect for white people in general for their role they play in modernd ay South Africa.

You'd do well to remember the opinions expressed by the extreme left youuth league communists are just as insane to your average South African as the extreme far right like the nazi's at S.A.S.

Anonymous said...

have you been Zimbabwe, to comment like you do with such experience?

if not, you're falling prey to the white media that makes zimbabwe look worse than it is.

The Rooster said...

I have been to Zimbabwe. Actually if you ask me Zimbabwe is not nearly as bad you'd think from reading the papers. You can have a pretty good holiday there if you're using rands and life seems to tick over in its own zany way. But that can't mask over the economic and political situation which are far from ideal.

Anonymous said...

so you've been to zimbabwe for a holiday, and now you can say that there is a economic distaster?

i lived there for many years, and can tell you that the media lies and is racist and run by whites with an agenda to make blacks looks bad.

zimbabwe's economy is healthy.

Anonymous said...

I've often adhered to the old saying that " If you can't serve as a good example to others, then it's your duty to serve as a horrible warning".



You are definately the latter dick brain!

The Rooster said...

Er..yes....therein lies the joke .