Friday, 5 September 2008

Flag time

Go here...

See that flag icon on the top ? Click it. Let's rid the net of this filth.


Anonymous said...

For someone who proudly claims to be a libertarian, you certainly don't perpetuate it.

Libertarians believe in freedom of speech. What you're asking for is the opposite.

Truthmonger said...

Can't handle a bit of criticism? Or is the truth you have a problem with?

Anonymous said...

oops... didn't see the "go here" part first... just the "See that flag icon on the top ? Click it"
Just flagged the wrong blog and really don't have the energy to un-flag...
Oh well... what goes around comes around as they say...

The Rooster said...

You misunderstand libetarianism. You are allowed your freedom os speech as long as it doesn't propogate the removal of freedoms or harm of others. You're supposed to practice a thing called "personal responsibility and the respect for the rights of everyone as an individual" ...there is no place for group think and racism in libetarianism.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is exactly that: freedom of speech. Look up the definition. If you aren't allowed to say whatever the fuck you like, then that is not freedom of speech.

It is censored speech.

Libertarians don't believe in censored speech. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

If the libertarians you hang around with believe in censored speech, then they're spineless faggots who don't represent the cause.

Puzzled said...

Er... Then what are you doing here?

7642926572 said...

Why don't you ask Frikkie Potgieter and Kubaan at boerevolk about freedom of speech.

Or ask uhuru guru or dark raven

The Rooster said...

I'm sorry but libetarianism does not propogate total freedom for you. It proposes total freedom for everyone, and that includes the right to not have people proposing that your freedoms are taken away or that you lack potential due to your group and should be treated as such. We must respect people as individuals truly have misunderstood the entire premise if you think libetarianism means your right to do whatever the hell you want. There's a line between your individual space and mine and you're never to cross it. And if you do I have to right to defend myself. The websites cross that line.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, whether or not you agree with what is being expressed.

The SAS guys don't believe in freedom of speech either. They're a bunch of circle-jerking nationalists who are irrational and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Rooster claims to be a libertarian. But trying to censor what he doesn't like makes him a pissy and spineless hypocrite.

You either believe in free speech, or you don't. Rooster obviously doesn't, and he is therefore an embarrassment to true libertarians.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, you're speaking out of your arse. You're looking more and more like a fucking hippie.

In the meantime, go look up the definitions of "libertarian" and "free speech".

The Rooster said...

No , my friend. Despite all your posturing you clearly don't understand the ideals of libetarianism.

the_weasel said...

I went to that blog and it was like so like stupid. I think the guy who wrote it had a bantu education, if any at all. I didn't/couldn't read it all for fear of brain rot. Rather leave it there so people can see how lame it is and make fun of it.

Oh, and SAS are moving to Alaska btw. Apparently all white people are moving there now. Why Alaska? Why not Hawaii? Is it an albino thing? Lighter coloured animals survive better in the snow? Like camouflage? Please tell me who the fuck decided Alaska 'cos I'm not freezing my ass off.

PfP said...

Rooster Clucked:

You misunderstand libetarianism. You are allowed your freedom os speech as long as it doesn't propogate the removal of freedoms or harm of others.

Kill Whitey??

The Rooster said...

There is a disclaimer on my blog that explains the name of this blog, catch up. I don't have the time or motivation to pander to your stupidity.

the_weasel...almost funny. Decent post.

Packed for Perth said...

Rooster is a stupid doos.

Disclaimer: In no way does this post propose that Rooster is a stupid doos.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, you are a sad little Maddox-wannabe. Run along and put on a green t-shirt, and save some caterpillars.

Since you're a pissy little faggot whose feelings are all hurt by some little website, let me help you along.

"Freedom" means "exemption from external control, interference, regulation".

No exceptions. No additions.

"Libertarian" means "a person who advocates liberty, esp. with regard to thought or conduct.". It also means "maintaining the doctrine of free will".

No exceptions. No additions.

Go verify those definitions, if you want.

You're either in favour of free speech, or you're in favour of censored speech.

Your post indicates that you're in favour of censored speech, and your wishy-washy attempt to prove that you aren't is making you look silly.

It's fine if you're in favour of censored speech. But be a fucking man and admit it. And stop pretending to be a bastion of libertarianism, when you clearly don't even know what the word "libertarian" means.


Anonymous said...

One more thing. Am I opposed to your website? No. Am I opposed to the SAS website? No. Am I opposed to that bantu one you mentioned? No.

Do I read them? No. Except for yours.

Don't try regulate or censor what hurts your feelings. Just don't support it.

That, my friend, is liberty. And that, too, is libertarianism.

The Rooster said...

Nope.....I've tried to help you , but now you must just walk your own little lost path. you'll get it eventually.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you are the one who'll eventually get it. You're for censored speech, and that's fine.

But you're not a libertarian.

The Rooster said...

Censored speech ? you see a censored comment on this website ?

I'll only censor something if it infinges on the freedom of someone else in a real tangible sense. Once again i'll try and's not libetarianism if it hampers the freedom of the individual...and that includes people using their voice to propose that certain individuals are not deserving of the same indivual freedoms....

get the fucking's really simple !

Anonymous said...

I've explained to you what the term means. I've shown you examples of the terms. I've broken it down for you.

"I'll only censor something if it infinges on the freedom of someone else in a real tangible sense."

Oh, you poor little faggot who gets all hurt and sad by another website. "Look what the bad man started! He created a not-nice website that hurts my feelings! Bad man! Censor him! He's a meanie"

That's you, Rooster. You're wishy-washy.

And you absolutely do no believe in true liberty. Stop fooling yourself. You'll understand as you grow up.

The Rooster said...

It doesn't hurt my feelings. It hurts my brain. as a libertarian how could you tolerate the type of talk that wished to group peoples potential into their race rather than treat them as individuals ?

please explain...this is a type of libertarianism I've never encountered.

Anonymous said...

Rooster said:

"It doesn't hurt my feelings. It hurts my brain. as a libertarian how could you tolerate the type of talk that wished to group peoples potential into their race rather than treat them as individuals ?

please explain...this is a type of libertarianism I've never encountered."

Of course that big ol' meanie website hurts your feelings. Don't play with words. You were offended and you decided that it needs to be shut down. And you asked others to help you shut down it down.

It doesn't matter what's on that website, what you're calling for is fucking censorship, you moron. I've explained this to you so many times, but you're too self centered and self righteous to grasp.

In fact, you're no different to those spineless pussies at SAS, since the lot of you are too scared to reveal your true identities. You're like a little homo who hides behind his big friend, and shouts the odds before using his friend as the shield.

No integrity. No balls.

I know you're not going to grasp this really difficult concept, but here's it one last time. For the road. Free speech is exactly that: it is free. ANY modifications to it make it censored. It's that simple.

Does it mean I can call you a "stupid kaffir who should be segregated"? Yes. Does it mean I can call you an "boer cunt who belongs in a British concentration camp"? Yes.

Whether or not I should say those things, however, is a different matter. That is where my responsibility comes in. Not yours. It is MY job to be responsible; it is not YOUR job to make me be responsible.

By censoring that website, you're not stopping them. They'll just start up again. And if you run after them, trying to censor them, you'll be an even bigger hypocrite.

By censoring them, you'll only make them stronger. By censoring them, you'll be (temporarily) solving the sympton, and not the cause.

I don't think you're smart enough to catch on to what it means to be a real libertarian. I've wasted enough time on you and your silly "Rooster" facade. (Don't bother accusing me of being anonymous; I am just following your lead.)

Dumb hippie.

The Rooster said...

Hippie ? Get a fucking grip. I want a country that thinks in the terms of individuals , not racial stereotypes. That's about as noble a libetarian ideal as any possible. You still fail to grasp that it's our prerogative to ensure others who won't act responsibly and respect the liberty of others need to fall in line.

Anonymous said...

Rooster, you're a fucking faggot hippie who has no spine. You're a wannabe.

I'll say whatever the fuck I like, and that is my freedom to do so. Racial stereotypes or gender stereotypes or whatever makes you feel sad. You don't want me to say whatever the fuck I like, so you prefer censored speech.

Just admit it, and be proud of it. Stop trying to create a stupid facade and looking like a scumbag.

You'll get it someday, big boy. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Rooster said:

"Hippie ? Get a fucking grip. I want a country that thinks in the terms of individuals , not racial stereotypes."

Oh, my, look who's the sweetheart, now. You want some hugs and kisses to go with that, my beautiful darling?

Look how stupid you are. You think that by censoring a website (which is a symptom) will result in a "country that thinks in the terms of individuals , not racial stereotypes". I've explained this to you, and you still don't get it.

When you stop being so self righteous and stop being a Maddox wannabe, you might grasp the concept of libertarianism.

Racial stereotypes will always exist. And you're not "thinking in terms of the individual" by trying to censor a website. You're thinking in terms of YOURSELF.

The Rooster said...

Maddox wannabe ? It's oozing nerd in here. If you haven't grasped the difference between free speech and hate speech by now you never will.

Anonymous said...

Rooster said:

" If you haven't grasped the difference between free speech and hate speech by now you never will."

You've just proven that you promote censored speech. Hate speech is still speech, since it is a modification of free speech, and it keeps getting modified as hippies like you become all sensitive and hurt. (I've already shown the definitions.)

It's YOU who don't get it. You're a hypocrite and you are NOT a libertarian. (Even affirmative action, which you support, is against the ideals of libertarianism.)

Admit that you endorse censored speech, and you won't be a spineless hypocrite.

The Rooster said...

holy nutsack of christ...are you actually accusing me of being an extension of the PC police with a straight face ? Do you actually read my website ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a hippie who is being taken by political correctness. And you've shown it by calling for your readers to censor a website that hurts your feelings because it uses naughty words, yet, at the same time, you call yourself a libertarian who is for freedom of speech and liberty. What a fucking joke.

You're a hypocrite. Come clean or get some maturity.

Keith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Rooster said...

Once again the only thing hurting reading your posts is my brain. I'm not talking about some random assignmenty of political correctness and stigma , I'm talking about opposing a perspective that suggests our freedoms and persona should not be judged on our individualism , but on our race. Ridiculous. Grow up.

PfP said...

Rooster - the dude is quite right. He has shown you up. Just admit it and move on. By prolonging the agony you are not only providing great enetertainment for us at your own expense, but are making more of a twat-head of yourself than you actually are.

The Rooster said...

pfp , you're the objective referee equivelent of Helen Keller.

Bantu Education said...

yo there little red rooster - or do you prefer to be called what you really are, Mr Chicken Licken Mcfaggot?

congratulations - with this post you have demonstrated your extreme immaturity, your cowardice, and your maliciousness and you have broken your own hit record - even if almost half of them were yours - for number of replies..!!

What a shame that only a toothless WEASEL - good name for a cowardly coon - is low enough and stupid enough to SUCK up to you ..!

Anonymous said...

Comment moderation? What about freedom of speech that Rooster, a proud libertarian, promotes?

I'll tell you why. He doesn't like naughty words that hurt his feelings.

Rooster likes censored speech.

Anonymous said...

What a joke the Rooster doctrine is. IE: he claims to be a libertarian while subscribing to censorship. ALSO: he claims that a simple disclaimer prevents him from being held accountable for the genocidal title of the blog. Perhaps the Bantu Education blog should adopt his little trick & post a disclaimer. Thus preventing them from being held accountable for what is posted. Just as Packed for Perth demonstrated in his post.