Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fun with numbers 3...(Tourism)

Depite aggressive attempts from sulky wankers who have left South Africa to try and discredit the country , South Africa has rapidly moved into place as the worlds 25th most visited country with 9.1 million travellers every year lucky enough to experience our wonderful country. Growth in this sector has been phenominally strong with the gross majority of travellers being return travellers. The trick has always been to get people to dismiss the racist white scaremongering B#llshit and come to South Africa in the first place , getting them to come back sells itself.

Interestingly enough this puts South Africa ahead of places like Australia, Japan , Ireland , India , Belgium etc . The question remains though...what kind of real risks do these tourists face. Let's play around with some numbers shall we ?

98% of tourists who travel to South Africa reported that they wished to return. An extremely high rate in comparisson to other popular destinations.

Less than 0.1 # of tourists in South Africa were victims of any crime. Safely assuming that the crimes they were victim to were petty theft and the likes , and going by the fact that South Africa reports exremely low tourist murders (Much less than a popular considered safe destination like Thailand , it's easy to see that anyone promoting the idea that you've got a good chance of being hurt in South Africa as a tourist....well....frankly they are speaking out of the wrong hole.

Tourists brought in 60.1 billion rand (8.7 % of South Africa GDP) and provide 785 000 jobs. Tourism is estimated to account for as much as 12% of GDP by 2014.

Now considering it's a hard fact that people with jobs and stability (something to lose) do not commit violent crimes , surely anyone interested in advancing the cause of a safer and better South Africa would rejoice at this phenomenon. So here's my question....

Those of you that don't....those of you that spite vile nonsense , inflated figures and exageratted scaremongering rhetoric......why ?

What do you stand to gain from this ? Do you admit that you have an active interest in seeing South Africa fall into decline ? Why do you wish this ? Is it purely based on racist ignorance ? What possible good could come from your lies and deception ?

Explain that to me and I'll think we'll learn a hell of a lot more about you , your racist agenda and motives that anything accurate about South Africa.

Peace and love


Anonymous said...

You sure can't keep those Somali, Nigerian, Mozambican,Zimbabwean, Botswana, DRC etc. tourists out. They just keep on streaming in! Viva SA Tourism. Great work Kortbroek!

The_Rooster said...

What nonsense. An african tourist is not as valued as a European tourist (which still make over half) ? Way to dehumanise someone. Give your life and poisenous mind a good long hard think. The great majority of african people who can get visas to visit south africa legally are veyr welcome here are hollyday makers and traders. Why not just go out there and start beating them with sticks toy xenophobic fuck

Anonymous said...

Do you drink when you blog? Sure looks like it. How the fuck can you call me xenophobic? I don't even live in your god forsaken country.Last time I was there I had to bribe the cops near Kruger Gate - just to keep my nervous wife quiet.

Anonymous said...

Whats your answer - stupid fuck?

The_Rooster said...

Answer to what ? Do I drink when I blog ? No. You had to bribe some cops ? Boo fucking hoo....where did you think you were ? The gumdrop forest ?

Anonymous said...

No I was in South Africa. Not the Gum drop Forest. South Africa. Clearly you have lost the plot.Booo fuckin hoo. This does not include the fact that my vehicle was burglarised in St Lucia (Fuck up town of note) and your stupid nigger cops could not even stand up becausese they were drunk. Rental car? Yes. Who carries the cost? Nigger cops no progress - have another drink - alco. Tu est nuscquam.

The Rooster said...

you lost all right to a reply when you exposed yourself as an ignorant dufus by using the N word.

Coye said...

Good for people to know.