Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Crime : Perception versus reality.

The above video shows how in South Africa that crime has in fact been dramatically decreasing , while quite paradoxically the perception overall is that it has increased. While this is in my opinion due to a huge dose of scaremongering and blatant b#llshit posted by a lot of South African expats and racist media with an agenda , it's not a uniquely South African trend. As the video points out the same phenemena is occuring in Australia and Britain. Places where I'd like to point out , there's a recent upsurge in people who are anti immigration. Looks like were not the only country who seems boogey men in anyone different.


Justin Igger said...

Neo Nazis and why we should hate them

Dante said...

The correlation is not necessarily between black people and violence, it's between low IQ, high testosterone and violence. Unfortunately, black people tend towards these traits.

While socio-economic conditions contribute to criminal behaviour, when controlling for such things as poverty and poor education, we nonetheless see that blacks are significantly more violent and criminal than other racial groups.

Orientals, possessing the highest average IQ and lowest average blood testosterone level, are the least criminal and violent of groups.

As for black people being athletically superior in most sporting disciplines, only a fool would deny it. The evidence for it is overwhelming. Similarly, I contend that it is equally foolish to deny the obvious intellectual and behavioural shortcomings of blacks.

I fail to see why this is so hard for some people to accept. As individuals, we can accept our own strengths and weaknesses. For example, I'm good at art but I suck at playing the guitar. It's no big deal for me to admit that either.

So why can't we accept that the races have differing capacities just as individuals do? Is the black man's ego really so fragile that he can't admit to his imperfections?

Let's grow up, all this lying to ourselves is leading our society down a hole.

Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence that black people tend towards low IQ and high testosterone? And please, do not cite polemical, racist pieces by people like Richard Lynn or the author of "Bell Curve." There is no evidence for this assertion. Botswana is almost all black and has a very low crime rate. In the US, black communities which have high numbers of poor people tend to be crime-ridden, as are similar predominantly white areas - something that the mainstream media, supposedly "liberal", keeps secret. There are also middle-class black communities, such as in De Kalb County, Georgia which have low crime rates. Orientals - least criminal? Some of the most violent gangs in Long Beach, California are Cambodian.

The_Rooster said...

If you knew anything about how iq tests were forumlated , they were not made to bridge cultures. They took sucessful white men and said "Right..that's intelligence" and they set out to test for similarities. They are inherintely biast to western individuals as they test for traits common in western culture. They are not a valid test of intelligence...any social scientist could tell you this.

I'd wish you'd stop arguing with me...i'm smarter and better informed. Accomodate and assimulate and move on.

The_Rooster said...

On another note..you're wrong about the testosterone , but it's well known to be the most creative force in the known universe. Don't get mobbed in feminist agendas. The key to adressing undesirable aggressive social behaviour is not to look at testosterone , but to look at how society callously abuses it's young men and nurtures them in an environment with no emotional support structures. To keep saying men are violent and need to be dealt with harshly is to perpetuate the problem.

The_Rooster said...

I'm a liberal but I don't believe in equality for women. I want equality for all races but not women. I am white but I admit that black men have bigger dicks. I believe the crime/AIDS/baby-rapes in this country are a myth and/or exaggerated. I talk a lot of contradictory shit.

The Rooster said...

Nice try. The bloggers here know that unless my name is used to write something intelligent , thought provoking and awesome , then it's not really me. I'm not a liberal (i'm a libetarian) and i'm not white. I very much do want equality between the sexes...what we have now is not equality , it's a society which treats women like princesses and men like slaves.

The Rooster said...

Aids , crime and baby rape are all extremely exageratted. I've never contradicted that statement once because it's obviously true.