Friday, 11 July 2008

More stat slap down on you biyaches.

I came up with a novel way of demonstrating how absurd it is to worry about being murdered in South Africa('cause I'm smart like that).

In South Africa you currently have a 0.040 % chance of getting murdered. White South Africans however make up 10 % of the population and are victims of crime 2% of the time. So in reality as a white South African you're chance of getting murdered is about 5 times lowers than the norm. We work that into the numbers and we you have about a 0.008% chance of getting murdered if you are a white person. An average of 8 out of every 100 000 white South Africans get murdered every year and in fact this does quite accurately related to the actual number of about 1 per day. Now ...

I came across a website with death rates as per traffic statistics which you can find here.

According to these death rates you have a higher risk of dying in a car crash in these countries than being murdered in South Africa. I'm only going to mention the higher profile ones here. You can safely assume that in asia , africa , eastern europe etc that you have a much higher chance.

U.S.A (15.8 deaths per 100 000)
Germany ( 10.7 deaths per 100 000)
France ( 13.8 deaths per 100 000)
Italy (10.8 deaths per 100 000)
Spain (14 deaths per 100 000)
Canada (10.3 deaths per 100 000)
Portugal (21.1 deaths per 100 000)
Greece (19.1 deaths per 100 000)

So let's sum up. It's more dangerous to drive in the above countries than it is to live or travel in South Africa as a middle classed person. Not to mention as a tourist the rate of murder is far less than 8 in 100 000. It's closer to 1 in 1 million.

Now the question is , with this in mind I assume all the people who talk about how horrific and dangerous living in South Africa is are immedietly going to either do 1 of two things.

1) Give up their cars....or...
2) Admit that the risk is actually pretty damn low and that they are full of it.

How else can they justify their outlandish statements in the face of this ? They simply can't. The more you look at it folks the sillier and more absurd all this fearmongering in South Africa looks. Anyway to cheer you up I dedicated you a song. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Bring it on K4, I cant wait for the war to start so we can kill you like flies. You are just dirty aids infested babbons and need to be wiped of the face of the earth.

bovinerebel said...

Propogating genocide. Making light of Aids. Calling people "baboons".

Wow , your mother must be really proud of you.

I have just one question. Is this your way of showing your "superiority" ? By demonstrating your ignorance , stupidity and intolerance ? Wow , you white South Africans sure are a lovely bunch. The world was so wrong about you.

*By the way my eyes are rolling so fast I look like a slot machine.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for that fuck head mandela to die, he is just a old shit head who is a terrorist and I hope he dies soon so he can go to hell where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Tell me Keith???
Why do most famous blacks marry white women?

Is it because they to think the K4 nigger is so ugly that they dont want to live with one. Why dont they marry their own kind. Because they stink and have aids.

bovinerebel said...

They probably do it just because white women throw themselves at black men because white men have small winkies.

Also probably just to spite you.

bovinerebel said...

So guys...what do you say to the fact that it's more dangerous to drive in europe than live in South Africa ?

You can't say anything ? You're admitting I'm right ? Not that you have a choice...I'm 100% perfectly correct.

Anonymous said...


Simple: We'd rather be betrayed, robbed, raped, hi-jacked, tortured, shot and killed by a bus, than any one of you...

Furthermore, and in typical fashion, you are deluding yourself, and your kind, by not comparing apples with apples. Self-denial is very bad for you, Boy.

Try again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the reason why the death toll is higher on the road is because of the Taxi's and pot-holes. So again it boils down to government incompetence.

Don't be racist! You all (bovine included) can make your point without being racist and calling people baboons, yeesh.

Poster said...

Err, so the murder rate on whites according to your stats is lower then car accidents, times the 8 by 5(for the total) and were up to 40 murders per 100 000, thats much more then the car accident rate of any mentioned.

Stats lie anyways, Id rather judge the society I live by my own experience of it, SA is a dangerous society when compared to other countries, I know because of mine and my friends experience of various other countries.

Besides, comparing murder to car accidents, one is an unfortunate problem driven(excuse the pun) by necessity in modern life, the other is committed by assholes for god knows what reason.

One murder is too much, and you a sick little puppy are calling for genocide, why is that??

Anonymous said...

So it's more dangerous to drive in the US than live in SA? Perhaps. What you're forgetting is that to live in SA, you also have to drive... Think the roads are safer here than overseas? Fat chance.

Crime and road fatalaties are higher here than in 1st world countries, making SA one of the most dangerous places in the world. And why is it like this? I think we all know the answer to that one...

Look, I get that you're trying to convince whites to stay. It's the only way to stop this place sliding completely into Zim-like chaos. You'll have to come up with better bullshit to fool whitey though!

Talking stats as we are, YT's
got on average 30 IQ points on darkie. You'll really have to get your thinking cap on to fox him! Nice try though, your statistically-average IQ of 70 almost made a breakthrough. Better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

More like Ramblings of an Afri-CUNT.

Anonymous said...

I bet this K4 has aids from fucking monkeys and that is why his small brain has stopped working. Oh, I forgot. A K4s brain never works because they dont know how to work it. It takes a white man to tell him how to do things. He is just a fucked up child molester who will die a slow lonely death where he will meet Mandela in hell.

Anonymous said...

90% of K4s have aids. The other 10% are already dead.


Anonymous said...

you're blog is a joke...a lame one too, your penis thing completely proves your mentality and intelegence. the results: You have none! Also: " Can't white people sort problems out without lawyers , shrinks or an army ?"
That's right...Down with civilization!you just want to live like you lived before we came here. I WILL BE READY WHEN YOUR KIND SHOWS UP AT MY DOOR........and kurt darren is a k4boetie

brokerboy said...

I thought you geniuses had caught on that i was a white guy , yet still the hilariously wirry "k4" reference . Make up your minds.

Yes you also have to drive in South Africa. But we're talking about the statistical chances of dying. a 0.0010 chance wouldn't stop you driving in Germany would it ? So why would lesser odds stop you visiting South Africa ?

You also have a 0.0030 chance of getting murdered in the states for example to factor in. My point remains valid , if you going to go ballistic campaigning that people don't come to South Africa , then you should campaign equal against people drinking in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Well, we know you're a gay guy, having seen enough dick and measured them to make a statistical inference that black men, above all other races, have bigger penises...

BoereKryger said...

Lol, your statistics are bulshit!
Just like you.

You know what a 0,040% chance of getting murdered means? It means no chance at all.

So nobody is getting murdered!
Everything is IN RELATION to another! Your comparisons does not make sence.

BoereKryger said...

Whites are victims 2% of the time??? Lol, yeah and I am Santa Clause.

Where do you get your 1 per day? It's closer to 60 per day. Very big difference dude! You will make a good politician! :)

bovinerebel said...

boere kryger 18000 murders is 0.040% of south african people murdered a year. Washington Dc for comparison is 0.033%. Yes it is a very small chance. That's the freaking point you muppet ! Just because it doesn't back up your silly ideas you that doesn't make it not true.

And by the way , as I've pointed out the chances for being murdered as a white person are much less and in fact are only 0,008 %. This statistic in fact predicts 400 white murders a year which is actually a little higher than reality.

So what do you idiots say for yourselves now ? Anyone ready to admit you've been a bit quick to panic ?

bovinerebel said...

boereokryger...F for Fail. South Africa has 50 murders a day (and decreasing) Only 2% of them are white people. These are official statistics agreed upon by all statistical authorities. This works out at about 1 white murder a day. Can you do any maths ? Perhaps best you leave it to those of us who are educated ok ?

BoereKryger said...

5 times lower than the norm?? What norm??
Which country would you say is "normal" enough? What about Switzerland?
Lets look at murders per capita:
Switzerland= 0,00921351 per 1000
South Africa= 0,496008 per 1000

Spot the difference?

BoereKryger said...

Washington DC is not a country my clever friend. Why not use Missipi as a comparison? Maybe your stats will look better? It is very interesting that the higher crime rates in the States also occur where the highest % of blacks live!
Make any sence? Makes a lot to me but no you are a idiot who just does not want to face the facts.

BoereKryger said...

I see 59 murders per day. You say 50. Already that is a difference of 15% between us. Shows how reliable it all is doesn't it and I have to assume since I am the dumbass here that the figures i get is wrong and yours (since you are the better educated one) are correct! :)

Ok so we have a number of 1 white person per day. That almost on average the same amount of troops on the American side in Iraq getting killed per day in a WARZONE you stupid asshole!

BoereKryger said...

By the way, people's perception of safe comprises more than just driving and murder.
What about assault, attempted murder, hi-jacking, theft, rape, attempted rape to name but a few more! I can promise you now if we take all of that into account (which you actually should) South Africa will clearly NOT be a safe country to live in.


Anonymous said...

hahahahah its friday and all k4s have finished work and gone drinking...i suppose this blog closes for the weekends too...since it's a k4 blog

Anonymous said...

My analysis of this asswipe blogger is as follows:

Poor misguided liberal whitey 'rebel' who thinks he has joined the 'right side' of the poor oppressed. Obsessed with penises, really envious of black man's (myth) bigger penises than other races, and most likely gay with a black man as partner with a 'normal' size penis compared to his rather 'clitoris like' penis.
Keith, just remember Amy Biehl...

bovinerebel said...

Boerekryger you Fail again. The point is no one in their right mind would run around scaremongering people to not go to washington dc and telling them they stand a good chance of being murdered. Just as with South Africa they don't , so cut the fucking bullshit. If you took 100 000 people and put them in washinton dc and 100 000 people and put them in south africa , only 7 more people would be murdered in South Africa. That's a fucking fact. This makes it blatantly obvious that people like you are running around and basicxally totally overstating how dangerous south africa is.

Now...listen to this....if you took 100 000 people in south africa and put them in a middle clasased suburd the murder rate would be 8 per 100 000 people. Much less than washington almost and the entire united states.

Regarding assault and other crimes , it's the same story ...they affect the middle classes. Take white , black , indian middle classed south african woman and you will find extremely low levels of rape. It's socia don't make me laugh and pretend that you racists actually care if poor black women are raped...don't make me laugh....that's not your agenda at all to see the lives of black people improve...

So shut up you dumb , ignorant , racist , stupid , uneducated piece of shit.

bovinerebel said...

Regarding Iraq let's say there are 100 000 soldiers still there , who are murdered at 1 a dat ...that's would make the murder rate 365 people out of 100 000. Compared to white south africans that is 45.6 times higher than South you fucking fail again you knob.

another dumb myth you racists spread around just officially debunked....try be fucking honest with once and admit that you're so wrong on all of these.

Fuck-u said...

bovinerebel said...
You poor fucking idiot you obviously know shit about the sa police...
Day of a black police officer...
10:00 ...eeehh was suppose to be at work 6 hours ago but who gives a fuck the boss is my brother whom i paid with a goat for this job because i did not finish grade 1 ...
11:00 aissssh can't keep my eyes open will go and sleep in the magazine ... must drink 5 black labels less tonight because i remember shit about last night
13:00 ....Fuck have been called out to a robbery scene...
13:40 had to stop by kfc first steet wise one !! i like the girls working there may fuck one tonight!
14:20 on the crime sceen ...the robbers are long gone one whitie dead nothing of value left (fuck)
take what i can ...who gives a shit if i contaminate to crime scene gonna make a mess of the docket anyway!

Wakeup fuck shit !! no statistic given out by baboon Africa is worth the paper its writen on!!!

bovinerebel said...

There we go "fuck u" ...doing what all irrational people do in the face of evidence : denial.

The chances of the same black policeman having to deal with even 1 white death a year is exceptionally low given only about 1 white murder happens a day.

By proposing it's common place you are either you are admitting that(jhb) or that in fact you have no clue as to the reality of the actual numbers.

By the way why insult the police when they have brought murder down to the same levels as 1994 ? Isn't it time to compliment them for a change ? A bit of positive reinforcement perhaps ? Why the hell would the police be encouraged to improve if they still get bitched at even when they doing a better job ? Idiot.

BoereKryger said...

Lol, dude! Stop feeling sorry for the blacks. You cannot defend or fight for them. They don't give a shit about you or your efforts to help them. They're on their own mission and it's to get rid (kill if they have to) of the whites. They don't give a shit whether you are a liberal or a right wing like me. They only care that you are white. Now not all blacks are bastards. There is a few "good" ones but unfortunately they are the minority by far. They are not gonna spare you dude so stop feeling sorry for them.

And yes I am a "racist" but not because of their skin colour. I used to be a liberal and felt sorry for them as well but then I had to go and work in Africa and I saw what they realy were. But I get the idea that you are not going to change. Your problem.

Just don't try and stop as when we move in to change things. Your skin colour is not gonna help then either!

Good luck!

bovinerebel said...

Boere. I've come under all sorts of allegations and accusations. I've not bothered to defend myself once. I want to try and make this blog about issues and facts , not ad hom. attacks. If we can for one moment stop the personal attacks about race and insults etc then we can talk these matters out with some freaking human dignity. But the moment we throw labels and assumptions around we take a step backwards.

I feel sorry that you've given up on Africa. I haven't. Maybe it's just time for you to worry about the country you've chosen to live in and leave us alone out here to make a go of it? I really don't see how South Africa is anything to do with you if you've chosen to leave it. If you not part of our future , then please get out of our way.

Anonymous said...

Bovinerebel you keep using stats from my home country, the US, so look at this:

It is a report using government statistics showing that Blacks in the US have a murder rate that is 9x the White rate. Almost half of the US prison population is composed of Blacks and despite being 13% of the population. Blacks in the US have horribly out of control VD infections, here is proof:

Many all Black urban areas have murder rates of 36 per 100,000 people while Whites on Average have a murder rate of 1.7-2.3 per 100,000. New Orleans has a murder rate estimated at almost 72 per 100,000. If you noticed I am specifically mentioning URBAN areas, since Black murder rates in urban areas are much higher than Black murder rates in rural areas.

Anonymous said...

I thought you geniuses had caught on that i was a white guy , yet still the hilariously wirry "k4" reference . Make up your minds.
And I bet you are married to some K4 bitch with aids and your children are halfbreeds with aids as well.

bovinerebel said...

Hi ronduck. Yes it's similiar in South Africa. The poorest areas have high murder rates , while the middle classed areas have a much lower crime rate. It's an issue of socio-economics , not race. Why don't you people read up on some Social identity theory or social constructionism ? Your children cartesian dualism and polarisation of your world really makes you look like a bunch of idiots.

The point is that if these websites were motivated by concern about crime , rather than blind hate , I'd be sympathetic. But basically what you have is people who hate black people blindly , posing as if they are concerned about violent rime (which happens to black people 98% of the time.) I'm sorry but it's insulting to my intelligent to pretend they are motivated by any reasons other than their racism to discredit South Africa.

bovinerebel said...

Anon. Try and elevate yourself beyind the status of a rabid dog and leave the wives and kids out of it.

BoereKryger said...

Thanks Ronduck but this asshole bovine does not want to listen to facts and reason. The funny thing is if you speak to the average black or white in South Africa, they will tell you that crime is out of hand and they have very little confidence in the government and police. But no, bovine chooses to ignore all that because he knows better than everybody else!

You will make a good politician bovine (because you're good at talking bulshit!)

bovinerebel said...

Boerekryger....that's the perception. 500 years ago if you asked everyone they'd think the world was flat. Perception does not equate to truth. It's subjective and prone to distortions placed on it by the natural human tendency to sensationalise and scaremonger. I'm the Kapernicus and Gallileo of the south african blogsphere.

Bantu Education said...

@bovinerebel, who pulled these farcical factoids out of his well-lubricated arse..

In South Africa you currently have a 0.040 % chance of getting murdered. White South Africans however make up 10 % of the population and are victims of crime 2% of the time. So in reality as a white South African you're chance of getting murdered is about 5 times lowers than the norm. We work that into the numbers and we you have about a 0.008% chance of getting murdered if you are a white person. An average of 8 out of every 100 000 white South Africans get murdered every year and in fact this does quite accurately related to the actual number of about 1 per day

As the sub-human Apezanian regime refuses to issue race-based crime stats (and we all know why) then, unless you are a high-ranking K4 cop, and you write and spell far to well to be one of the sub-species, how can you possibly know that whites are "the victims of crime only 2% of the time"???

But even if your stats are the truth or even close to the truth, which I very much doubt, nobody but a deranged and deluded white race-traitor and toadying black arse licker denialist would dare deny that virtually all (at least 99%) of the white victims are done in by total strangers of the predatory Africoon sub-species, in every sense of the word distant relations to the useful branches of the human race. Now this is a very different pattern to that of murder in most civilised countries wherein the great majority of murders are committed by family or close friends of the victim.

In fact, having earlier loudly proclaimed that crime was merely a “perception”, the unconvicted criminals Nqakula and Selebi of the Afro-Nazi police farce, in a rare convulsion of what appeared to be truthful integrity (but of course couldn’t possibly have been), admitted in 2007 that crime was high but, “no worries” they assured us, because almost always its done by someone you know well…! Ergo, if everyone were to get rid of their family and friends, then hey-presto problem solved. (Hmmm, maybe that’s why crime is so high – as a crime-reduction measure they’re all getting rid of their family and friends?).

Joking aside, I don’t recall the legal expression for it, but it is a well-established principle in justice that violent crime perpetrated within a circle of family and friends is considered not as serious to society as crime perpetrated by outsiders, especially when such crime is done with un-necessary violence AND for monetary gain. And they’re always telling us “the motive was robbery”, aren’t they?

My point is therefore that, even if crime by blacks against whites is not yet as high as black on black crime, IT IS A FAR MORE SERIOUS MATTER, BY FAR…!!

And those creeps like bovinespecies who (whilst hungrily caressing one of his favourite big animal dicks) try to dismiss the seriousness of the black-on-white crime wave by smugly dismissing it as “not as bad as you think, and anyway part of the price to pay for apartheid, slurp, slurp,…” is IMO, a willing co-conspirator in the anti-white crime wave. The sentence for which is…..full castration, to be no doubt carried out by one of your sub-species moffie “friends”, you cowardly scumbag traitor..!!

bovinerebel said...

murders from housebreaking , hijacking and armed robbery are only 500 a year. That included black people. Many people think that these are the types of crimes that are taking place. Plain ignorant. Why not work out your odds of being in that 500....seriously incredibly low. The fact of the matter is most murder in south africa is the result of drunken knife fighting , interpersonal disputes in the poorest lowest educated areas and the likes. Just deal with reality folks...that's all I ask.

And yes...98% of murders happen to black people. That fact is easily verified by counting the white deaths and averaging it out as a proportion. It's totally accurate.Don't argue with me people , I'm smarter than you.

BoereKryger said...


I don't think you truly believe the stuff you are writing. I think you are just writing it and making stuff up as you go so as to incite us gatvol "rasicts" and make us write all sorts of "nasty" things on your blog.

Having "cheated" death (AIDS) you probably have become bored with your live and were looking for some excitement. Your first blogs (about woman) weren't attracting enough attention so you decided on something more emotional/controversial and voila, you've struck gold!

Only problem is you're still young and do not realise that you are playing with fire here dude! You've saddled this horse and believe me this horse is heading for the canyon! To save yourselve you'll have to jump!

But I guess you're to proud. Your a guy and a cocky guy as well so pride is probably going to take it's toll on you. It does not have to but that means quiting. Quiting while you still can.

Dude, your live is in your own hands! This is not cheating AIDS. This is something way more powerfull!

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the whites in South Africa is they drink to much brandy and talk to much shit. They will never stick together and there will never be another white state in Africa. The whites had the chance to do things in Africa but they fucked up and now sit at home bitching and drinking brandy. They deserve every thing they get because they fucked up.

Bantu Education said...

"98% of murders happen to black people. That fact is easily verified by counting the white deaths and averaging it out as a proportion. It's totally accurate.Don't argue with me people , I'm smarter than you."

You keep repeating this 2% figure but you havent explained where you get the number of white deaths from. Or is the 2% number simply your "perception"..?

Bovine? Doesn't that refer to cattle?

If so then you must have Mad Cows Disease.

The Rooster said...

Boerekryger , did you just threaten my life ?

ha ha ha ha

What a muppet.

ZeroTolerance said...

A breakdown in the crime statistics recorded between 1 April 2007 and 31 March 2008 as reported by the SA Police Service:

NOTE: They hide the actual murders by splitting them into two different categories - they show total murders, plus... way down the list they show the culpible homicides
When taken together, the official number is huge - more than 31,500 murders per annum.

The figures are arranged in the number of incidents per 100 000 people.

- Murder: 18 487 cases reported, 38,6 incidents.

- Attempted murder: 18 795 cases reported, 39,3 incidents.

- Assault GBH: 210 104 cases reported, 439,1 incidents.

- Common assault: 198 049 cases reported, 413,9 incidents.

- Common robbery 64 985 cases reported, 135,8 incidents.

- Arson: 7 396 cases reported, 15,5 incidents.

- Malicious damage to property: 136 968 cases reported, 286,2 incidents.

- Burglary at residential premises: 237 853 cases reported, 497,1 incidents.

- Burglary at non-residential premises: 62 995 cases reported, 131,7 incidents.

- Motor vehicle and motorcycle theft: 8 8226 cases reported, 167,7 incidents.

- Theft out of motor vehicles: 111 661 cases reported, 233,4 incidents.

- Stock theft; 28 778 cases reported, 60,1 incidents.

- Illegal possession of firearms or ammunition: 13 476 cases reported, 28,2 incidents.

- Drug related crime: 109 134 cases reported, 228,1 incidents.

- Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: 48 405 cases reported, 101,2 incidents.

- Theft not mentioned elsewhere: 395 296 cases reported, 826,1 incidents.

- Commercial crime: 65 286 cases reported, 136,4 incidents.

- Shoplifting; 66 992 cases reported, 140 incidents.

- Culpable homicide: 13 184 cases reported, 27,6 incidents.

- Kidnapping: 2 323 cases reported, 4,9 incidents.

- Abduction: 2 728 cases reported, 5,7 incidents.

- Neglect or ill treatment of children: 4 106 cases reported, 8,6 incidents.

- Public Violence: 895 cases reported, 1,9 incidents.

- Crimen injuria: 33 064 cases reported or 69,1 incidents.

* The law regarding rape cases has changed to include male rape, and as such the crime statistics only reflect rape and indecent assault statistics between April and December 2007;

- Rape: 36 190 cases reported, 75,6 incidents.

- Indecent assault: 6 763 case reported, 14,1 incidents.

- Aggravated robbery: 118 312 cases reported, 247,3 incidents.

* This included 14, 201 carjacking incidents or 29,7 incidents and 1 245 truck hijacking incidents.

It also included 14 481 incidents of robbery at residential properties or 30,3 cases per 100 000 people, and 9 852 incidents of robbery at non-residential properties or 20,6 incidents per 100 000 people.

There were 395 cases of cash-in-transit robberies or 0,8 incidents per 100 000 people, and 144 bank robberies or 0,3 incidents per 100 000 people. - Sapa

The Rooster said...

Don't be such a muppet...murder and culpable homicide are not the same thing.